Modern IT decisions for your enterprise

Professional service for medium and large business. Professional team, which will help in development of already existing infrastructure.
Will help to implement modern technologies that fit to your business. To receive optimal IT decisions with minimal costs.
Maximal simplicity for your collaborators.

Why you have to choose us

  • Experience: we make decisions only based on own practical experience;
  • Responsibility: team which is responsible on your uninterrupted working process;
  • Professionalism: our professionalism is guarantee for your informative reliability;
  • Friendly team: team which is always ready to listen to you;
  • Accuracy: accurate and optimal IT decisions for your business.

What Sandy is offering to your company

  • Server services

    Centralized server. Enhanced security. Access on working files from any point of Georgia.

  • Networking services

    Planning of internal net, cabling, installation and security. Management of Wi-Fi connection and communication cupboard.

  • VPN connection

    You are thinking about how to connect different files to each other? We will take case on your comfort working.

  • IP telephony

    Make more confortable connection to each other. Make contact with each other without additional taxes.

  • Installation of cameras

    Be calm and control your security with the help of video monitoring cameras from any point of the world.

  • Collocation of server

    Rent server from our ta-center or locate server existing on your place in our data-center.

  • Multi service

    You can receive with Sandy IT+WEB package monthly IT service as well as your company brand web-page.

  • Personal IT

    Your company will have personal IT, which will be responsible on your uninterrupted and secure working process.

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