IT Outsourcing

Many small business owners wonder whether IT outsourcing is a good idea for their company or if it’s just an added expense they can go without.

While there are certain advantages to having an internal IT team in-house, managed IT services are often a better solution for startups and small businesses to large corporations.

Of course, enlisting the aid of a managed service provider (MSP) means outsourcing at least some of your IT business processes to a third party.

As we continue to navigate through these crazy COVID times, many of us aren’t aware of the benefits of outsourcing. So why is IT outsourcing now more important than ever? We’re about to tell you why!

We’re discussing six key reasons why you should consider IT outsourcing for your small business (SMB) and how these services are long-term solutions to many of your day-to-day technology obstacles.

For many of us, we’ve experienced a decline in sales and revenue growth for most of the year. Our world as we knew it changed forever as we’re forced to adapt to an entirely new way of doing things.

Outsourcing any of the support services your business needs always raises questions and concerns to most business owners. But, it’s essential to learn how IT outsourcing can significantly grow your business, keep your employees safe, and even reduce your technology costs.


  1. Stronger Cyber Security Measures Through Managed IT Services

For those of you who don’t run an IT company, it can be a tedious, time-consuming, and even counterproductive task to keep up with all the new technology advances.

Cybercrimes are at an all-time high right now, as so many of us work from home (WFH). So, protecting your business, employee, and customer data should be a priority.

However, if cybersecurity and proactive monitoring are not core competencies for your business, you could quickly end up running around in circles if you try to do it all yourself. If I had to guess, you’ve got enough on your plate and don’t wish to spend your working hours dealing with your company’s IT needs.

We have a solution for this, and that’s through a reputable outsourced IT service provider. An experienced and knowledgeable MSP is up to date on all the latest industry trends and best practices—especially in cybersecurity best practices.

Your managed IT team can provide you with a detailed and thorough cybersecurity infrastructure based on your business or organization’s specifics. You’ll know how to identify a great MSP if they continuously monitor your network for exploitable weaknesses and then patch them as needed.

Some critical aspects of cybersecurity and monitoring that almost all reliable outsourced IT providers offer include:

  • Vulnerability scans, or automated scans that detect systemic weaknesses in your network.
  • Penetration testing, in which a technology expert looks for vulnerabilities that an online hacker could easily exploit over the web.
  • Red teaming, in which a team of IT specialists simulate an attack against your system and test your responsive capabilities.

These and other security measures ensure your SMB remains safe from malicious cyberattacks and activity.

  1. Greater Physical Safety For Employees And Visitors

In our “post-COVID” world, many companies have already transitioned the bulk of their workforce to remote positions—affecting IT professionals along with everyone else.

For health and safety factors, fewer people gathered within a single office location means we’re doing our part in controlling the spread of the virus.

Remote technology implementation through cloud-based outsourcing virtually eliminates the risks of contracting or spreading COVID-19, or any other contagious disease, for that matter.

Cloud-based IT solutions enhance your employees’ physical safety, as we still need ways to work from home efficiently. Some of these solutions include video conferencing tools, accessing shared files in the cloud, and ensuring a secure wi-fi network at home through a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

  1. A Managed IT Team Means Increased Focus On Core Competencies

One of the most widely cited reasons for outsourcing IT functions, according to one survey, is to free up resources to focus on core business. 49% of respondents from the survey link above gave this reason as their primary motivation to explore and commit to managed IT services.

As I mentioned earlier, you already have a lot to handle as a small business operator without juggling IT tasks. Time spent troubleshooting network issues or calling your “IT guy” for help is time spent away from critical activities related to your company’s growth.

Partnering with an outsourced IT provider, like AIS, helps you sidestep many of these frustrating issues and focus on your core competencies and day-to-day tasks.

  1. Quicker Technology Updates Right At Your Fingertips

If you run a business with a small IT team (or just one dedicated IT employee), it would be unrealistic for you to expect access to the latest technological advances.

The IT industry is vast, enormous, and full of highly specialized niches that no single employee can be a subject-matter expert at that a company requires.

For example, an employee may be proficient in application management but may not have in-depth knowledge of user support.

When you outsource your IT functions to a capable third party vendor, you won’t have to worry about the limitations generally associated with a small internal team.

Instead, your MSP can draw from a deep pool of resources to keep your business network safe, secure, and running smoothly at all times.

  1. Cost-Effective Solutions

While saving money shouldn’t be your number one priority when exploring managed IT options, it likely will be near the top of the list. 45% of companies that outsource IT processes say their outsourced projects are intended to save money.

Of course, reducing costs associated with IT outsourcing may not directly come from IT spend. When you transition to an outsourced IT model, you may end up paying more through direct costs than before.

However, the real cost savings from outsourced IT come from other expenses that no longer apply to your company.

For instance, you won’t have to worry about paying an in-house employee to troubleshoot your network issues. Think about all the costs that come with employing a full-time IT team, such as health insurance benefits, paid time off, and their annual salaries.

Not to mention, you most likely won’t lose as much time and money in the event of a catastrophic occurrence, such as a server crash.

  1. Improved Business Continuity 

Turnover is harsh. But it’s an ever-present reality in today’s business world. Though some industries have a higher churn rate than others, there’s always the possibility that a valuable employee will leave your company for another position elsewhere.

If that employee happens to be your resident IT expert, then you’ll have to scramble to replace him or her. And even if you do, the company may have to endure a rough transition period before the replacement is brought up to speed on policies and procedures.

On the other hand, as your business grows, you may find it necessary to expand your IT infrastructure. This often involves hiring more IT professionals to handle an increased workload.

IT outsourcing bypasses both of these potential issues. No matter which employees leave the third party IT company, they can seamlessly transition from one account manager to another; without disrupting your business.

Partnering with a managed IT services team helps you quickly and easily scale your IT services up or down, according to current and changing business needs.

The Final Say: Why IT Outsourcing Is A Must For Your Small Business

Undoubtedly, IT outsourcing offers several advantages to small businesses and large enterprises alike.

Of course, you may not know which managed service provider to choose as a partner or how the typical IT outsourcing process works. But, it’s worth it to do a little research and interview local providers to learn how they can cater to your unique business technology needs.

AIS continues to provide office technology business solutions of all kinds. We offer unique approaches to your most dreaded IT problems so that you can focus on your most important tasks. Now is a great time to reach out to one of our business technology consultants to learn more about IT outsourcing for your SMB. We’re here to give you peace of mind to help you win more business.

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