Server colocation and solutions

Together with development of your company there grows your IT infrastructure, which needs additional security and control. The best means of centralized management is simple control of customers,  best way for defining of their rights and protection of security. The best decision of centralized management is server, server service, which gives possibility to manage from one point all computer customers, who have access on company IT system.


There exist different types of servers: file servers, web servers, mail servers and etc. Analyzing scope and demand of the company we will make consultation for your company to purchase optimal type of server and packaging arrangement. After this in their program configuration as locally as well as moving on collocation (on distance from your office). Also there is possible virtualization of servers with the help of vmware ESXI and Microsoft Hyper-V, which means existence of several virtual server on one physical server. This technology gives possibility to decrease expenses and to provide with more security of virtual servers to avoid loss of data and for creation of system reserves.

List of server service in details offered by Sandy:

  • Operative systems: Microsoft Server/Linux/CentOS;
  • Microsoft Active Directory Server & Domain Controller;
  • CCTV Server;
  • VoIP Asterisk Server;
  • Virtualization of servers: vmware ESXI / Microsoft Hyper-V;
  • File server configuration;
  • Mail server configuration;
  • Print server configuration.

Also there is possible you to be interested in networking services.