Network cabling and configuration

In organizations special role plays smooth working of internal net, its optimization and security. It is important correct cabling, choosing of optimal wireless transmission points in offices with different architecture. Sandy will help you to implement technologies experienced in practice for your company. We make installation of internal net and administration in several stages.

Network services

Analysis and planning

On first stage there will take place analysis of architecture of your company and choosing optimal communication points, for central management, where there will be places communication cupboard. After this considering your demands and our experience we plan topology of the net.


The second stage is cabling. According to topology drawing of the net made on first stage our specialists will make cabling of your office. There will take place marking of each cable/numbering for the any IT specialist to be easy further  works.

Cabling job contains:
  • Provision of necessary material for net installation;
  • Installation of cable channels;
  • FTP/UTP (Cat5e, Cat6) cabling;
  • Their management in communication cupboard;
  • Putting RJ45 jacks on cable ends/putting in rosettes;
  • Testing and marking on each cable.
Determination of wireless (Wi-Fi) connection points

On the third stage there will be determined wireless net installation optimal points you to have in any desired point of your office wireless access on internet and internal net.

Configuration of apparatus

Fourth and most important stage – configuration of apparatus. Engineers of our net will make configuration of routing, as are Cisco, Mikrotik, Ubiquiti and etc, on their security and right on their access. Our experience is guarantee of reliable and uninterrupted connection.

Also there is possible you to be interested in server service.